Sunday, January 31, 2010

West Coast Winter Rowing/Paddling

With very few exceptions, I have been able to get out in the "Bus" every weekend since limited daylight and winter storms have ended my commuting season. By picking the best weather opportunity of the weekend, these pleasure rows have often been remarkable highlighting mild, calm and sunny reflections of the 'el ninio' weather pattern.
Typically I head out from Degnen Bay, work the back-eddies of Gabriola Pass before the period of hard rowing through the narrows against the ebb and then meet-up with my paddling friends off Silva Bay for a 'cruise' of the Flat Top Islands. Given the mild weather the number of joinging kayakers has grown steadily!
My weekend row has become the highlight of my week - combining some serious excercise with pleasant cruising with friends in one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Canada and for this year at least, the most pleasant of winter weather.