Saturday, April 30, 2011

Updates Coming Soon!!

Missing entries for the past year ++ due to technical issues - now solved. Have several short updates coming and new commitment to regular entries.

Almost end of April and that will make this year the latest start in rowing to work with the Bus. Extended winter break in the Baja and work priorities upon my return have delayed annual maintenance - but almost done..

2010 rowing to work season summary :

22 days rowing to work.
longest row: 1 hour 40 min into a pretty stiff NW
shortest row: 59 min! just lucky with favourable tides and calm conditions
avg : 1 hour 15 min
Last day rowing was early November , dodging fog banks and working hard to get home in the very last bit of evening light!
12 days kayaking to work - a different kind of pleasure and less BTUs involved , but fun - make no mistake.
avg time 50 min

Continued to row through the winter almost every weekend out of Degnen Bay - mostly mild winter magic conditions.

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  1. Summer is the ideal time for water sports and not only but also eg for sports bike :) Each of us can be with a little movement during the holiday hot days :)